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See what attendees have to say about Catch a Rising Star clinics:

Just wanted to shoot you an email and say THANK YOU so much for this weekend. This event was without a doubt the coolest thing I've done since my amputation. It's hard to believe that not even a year ago I was laying in a hospital bed without my limb not even knowing where to turn next. I'm so incredibly appreciative that I know now so many people in the athletic community who face the same challenges that I do. Thanks again!!!

Denise Castelli — Below the Knee Amputee (23 years)

First of all, kudos on the amazing weekend that you put together!! Jessica had an amazing weekend and the people involved in your organization are the best I have ever seen in anything I have ever been involved in! The friendliness and care that they showed my daughter was truly impressive and it is so nice for my daughter to see how many people care about her and that the sky is the limit for what she can accomplish! I'm pretty sure last weekend was better than Christmas in Jessica's book and her classmates and friends are so proud of what she accomplished out there (running 9 miles!).

Kris Heims — mother of Jessica Heims (11 year old BK)

I hope you are having a great week!! I am sure you must hear this all the time, but THANK YOU!!! So very much!! I called and spoke with Aaron while he was at the event. He was so excited and so happy to be there and share the enthusiasm. He was so inspired by all the athletes there and to see the joy on everyone's faces. He learned so much while he was there and has such a vibrant excited outlook on life! He said now, he going to live! He loved interacting with Carlos. He really enjoyed the hand cycle and swimming! He has such great stories, his excitement is palpable! He said you were wonderful and introduced him to so many people. He is going to start training so he can participate in events. We have seen such a 180 degree turn in his personality. He is vibrant, alive, and driven to compete and keep in touch with his new found friends! My mother and sisters were overcome with joy and were laughing and crying on the phone as they spoke with him.

Anna Knighten — sister of Aaron Barber (newly injured SCI)