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Planned Giving

Thank you for your consideration of the Challenged Athletes Foundation in your financial and estate plan.

When including a bequest provision either in your will or through your trust, always use the full legal name and provide the federal taxpayer identification number.

Our full legal name is "Challenged Athletes, Inc." Our federal taxpayer identification number is 33-0739596.

Your planned gift to the Challenged Athletes Foundation can be in the form of specific amounts of cash or property, or as a percentage of your overall estate. You may also name the Challenged Athletes Foundation to receive the residue, or a portion of the residue, of your estate.

Planned gifts are an investment in the long term viability for the Challenged Athletes Foundation® (CAF) to ensure we are able to continue our mission well into the future and change lives, one athlete at a time.

Please visit our Legal Information section for more suggest language and information.

What is Planned Giving?

  • Planned giving is designed to create a legacy by helping people plan their personal, financial and estate giving goals in ways that benefit both the donor and ultimately, individuals with physical challenges through CAF. The federal tax code allows for several types of trusts and gift agreements used to make these planned gifts to CAF and in turn provide some tax benefits to you.
  • An opportunity for charitable giving in circumstances that may not otherwise allow a donor to make a gift to charity.
  • Did you know that about 70% of people die without a will or living trust, causing the distribution of their estates to be put in the hands of the government? Planned giving is one way for you to decide who will benefit from your lifelong work.

We have all witnessed a moment where a small token of kindness resonates into your soul and stays with you for the rest of your life. For volunteer Seth Timen, his time came helping Harvey, a young bilateral above-knee amputee who came over from London with his parents to attend CAF's A Celebration of Heroes, Heart and Hope gala and multisport clinic in New York City. Harvey's mother said that Harvey would never go into the water and that kicking and screaming was his normal reaction to anything that scared him. When paired with Seth, who wouldn't give in to his crying, Harvey quickly came around and they became buddies. Soon he was pushing off the edge into Seth's arms, dunking his face in the water and was actually swimming. Seth believes that those few hours are the beginning of a great swimming future for Harvey and affected him personally as he stated,

Being an athlete is confidence boosting; it’s empowering. Everyone needs the hope to do more than they thought was possible. That day did this for these young athletes and for myself.

CAF's Planned Giving initiative is intended to do more than we thought was possible and to ensure that such acts of kindness and support will continue for those we serve with physical disabilities for many years to come.