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Wheelchair Lacrosse Clinic

Wheelchair Lacrosse (all disabilities)
Lead by Bill Lundstrom, co-founder Wheelchair Lacrosse
9:00am - 11:00am

The Wheelchair Lacrosse program is the most comprehensive of it’s kind in the
United States. We are hoping fi rst and foremost to introduce you to one of the
fastest growing sports in the country. Lacrosse is a perfect combination of
soccer, basketball, football and hockey. The clinic is intended for you to have
fun and learn about this great sport with your friends! Teams are popping up
everywhere so get in with the action! We feel this will be a great experience for
everyone involved, and we look forward to introducing this exciting new game to
our CAF athletes!

Join us and learn -
Rules and equipment Riding tactics
Passing and catching drills Offense and defense
Clearing techniques Full speed scrimmage

To register contact: Jill Prichard at 858-210-3508 or jill@challengedathletes.org