Challenge: Congenital Bilateral Above Elbow Amputee

Sports: Surfing


Olivia grew up living an active lifestyle and was involved in various sports as a child in Lancaster, PA. She excelled in soccer, a sport where she used her muscle strength in her legs out on the field. She joined her high school rifle team, where she had certain adaptations to help her hold, aim and shoot the gun from a prone position. Liv was introduced to surfing the fall of 2017 with Bethany Hamilton and fell in love with the sport.  She was invited by CAF to the BroAm surf clinic the summer of 2018 and has never looked back!

Liv got to where she is today because of the encouragement and support from her loving family. She considers CAF as her second family because of how they created amazing opportunities for her. She competed at the World Championships for Team USA in 2018 and convinced her parents to move to Southern California for 6 months. While in California she competed at many competitions; USA Nationals, US Open, WSA, ASL and Super Girl Pro with the WSL. Her family has decided to make the move permanent and she is living the dream!


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