Tommy Sherwin

Challenge: Below Knee Amputee

Sports: Karate, Yoga, Rock Climbing, Running, Swimming, Wheelchair Sports

Bio: Six year old Tommy Sherwin is as genuine and kind as he is athletic. As a firstborn child, his parents are as much in love with his beautiful eyes and belly laugh as they are with his little leg—a vascular disruption in utero meant Tommy has undersized leg bones and no ankle or foot on his left leg. Since he was 1 year old, Tommy has worn a below-knee prosthesis; today, it is just a part of who he is. Ever a natural athlete (he was on a scooter before he was two!), in the past year Tommy has discovered his passion for rock climbing and obstacle courses. He is a fan of tv shows like American Ninja Warrior and Ultimate Beastmaster, which have spurred Tommy’s interest in designing obstacles around his house and challenging family and friends to compete on his course.

His family supports Tommy in all his athletic endeavors—from climbing to running to soccer and more. After meeting a CAF staff member at a running clinic in Minneapolis, Tommy was invited to attend the Aspen Medical Products San Diego Triathlon Challenge in 2017, which offered Tommy his first time seeing the ocean and a taste of California life. His long-term ambitions involve going to college in California and becoming a professional race car driver; before he grows up too quickly, he is committed in the short-term to being a loyal big brother and to starting the first grade.

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