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Operation Rebound

Operation Rebound

Challenged Athletes Foundation's® (CAF) Operation Rebound® program is the premier sports and fitness program for American military personnel, veterans and first responders with physical challenges.  It provides unparalleled opportunities to pursue active, athletic lifestyles by offering access to funding for equipment and training and competition expenses, Military Medical Center Physical Training (MMCPT) and sports clinics.

Operation Rebound supports those who have served honorably through:

  • Activity: Operation Rebound funds equipment, training and travel expenses that can help our injured troops and first responders to harness the healing power of sport – whether the goal is to win Paralympic gold or just run around the block.
    . NOTE: This is a year-round program that is separate from CAF's Access for Athletes.
  • Military Medical Center Physical Training (MMCPT) which provides structured physical training program for active-duty service members recovering from permanent physical injuries at military medical centers. CAF works with resident prosthetists, recreational therapists, and medical hold unit commanders to provide opportunities for physical training that is in compliance with discrete rehabilitation programs and applicable military regulations.
  • Sports Clinics are held throughout the year at military medical centers and other locations in the community. Expert coaches and CAF elite athletes provide instruction and mentorship to introduce beginner athletes to a range of sports including bicycling, handcycling, running, swimming, basketball and other sports.


Participation in Operation Rebound is open to any U.S. veteran or first responder with a permanent physical disability who served honorably.

For questions please Operation Rebound Program Manager, Nico Marcolongo at 858.210.3525, or nico@challengedathletes.org.

It's hard to believe that not even a year ago I was laying in a hospital bed without my limb not knowing where to turn next. I'm incredibly appreciative that I now know so many people in the athletic community who face the same challenges that I do.

— Denise Castelli, 23-years-old, below knee amputee