We believe every individual with a physical challenge should have access to sports and an active lifestyle. The following resources are intended to provide information on adaptive sports and activities.





In collaboration with the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks’ PlayLA Youth Adaptive Sports Program, the Challenged Athletes Foundation hosted four adaptive skateboarding clinics at four skate parks throughout Los Angeles. The PlayLA Youth & Adaptive Sports Program is a city-wide initiative that provides access to quality sports programming for youth of all abilities between the ages of 5 and 17. LEARN MORE  about the CAF + PlayLA partnership and check out the PlayLA adaptive youth sports website including all current programs, clinics, and live registration links.

Made possible by an investment from the LA28 Olympic and Paralympic Games Organizing Committee and the International Olympic Committee (IOC), PlayLA is the single largest commitment to youth sports development in California and serves as a legacy before, during, and after the LA28 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Be sure to SAVE THE DATES for the LA28 Olympic and Paralympic games!


Accessibility Tools

Apple continues its long-standing work in making phones, tablets, computers, and the entire internet culture more accessible – while actively working to evolve its products to make the lives of the disabled simpler.

Accessibility software is a life-changing technology. It opens doors to the world and to essential everyday devices. We’re thrilled not only to see the advancements of our sponsors in this space but of other companies, like Apple, who we’ve walked alongside in developing better assistive technology and finding solutions to the hurdles faced by challenged athletes.

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 Apple features adaptive characteristics across multiple developmental domains and devices which help to enhance the lives of persons with disabilities through sport.

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Mental Health Blog Resource

Did you know?

35% of elite athletes self-reported a mental health disorder of some kind; stress, eating disorders, burnout, depression, and anxiety as the most common. Despite this reality, there is a significant lack in support for psychological treatment within athlete training programs.


LEARN MORE about these alarming statistics and what can be done.





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