Challenge: Above Knee Amputee

Sports: Swimming, Triathlon

Bio: Jack O’Neil was born with severe birth defects in his spine, hip, and leg. Doctors told his parents that Jack would never lead a normal and active life, but Jack’s aspirations could not be contained. At a young age, Jack discovered his passion for sports, specifically triathlon and swimming.

Jack is now a fifteen year old student and amputee athlete from Colorado Springs. Jack began competing in swimming when he was 7 years old. He trains and competes year round on an able-bodied swim team and has competed in multiple CanAm games. Jack’s passion for swimming naturally led him to the sport of triathlon when he was 10 years old. Jack attended his first triathlon camp in 2013 while enduring a difficult recovery from his above knee amputation. Although he was struggling to recover from the operation and wearing a prosthetic was nearly unbearable, Jack agreed to race in a triathlon. He completed his first triathlon in a hand cycle and racing wheelchair. At the finish line, Jack made a goal to compete the following year on an upright bike and running leg. Since then, Jack has competed in many triathlons and is a two-time USA Triathlon Youth Champion.

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