Challenge: Cerebral Palsy, Coordination Problems

Sports: Swimming, Triathlon, Track

Bio: Abby Arne is 15 years old, and has been involved with Challenged Athletes Foundation for three years now. She’s very grateful for what they’ve done for her. She has been swimming for the past 5 years and has been getting more and more competitive every year. This year, she’s gonna compete in my first World Series swim meet in April and is really excited. She did her first sprint triathlon in early October and qualified for para triathlon nationals. She loves the sport of triathlon because it’s so intense and it doesn’t end after the swimming. Over these past couple years, she made sure that her disability didn’t stooped her ability from completing her goals. Living with Cerebral Palsy has been very difficult for Abby, but she’s learned that nothing is too difficult, and it’s only the fear of trying that stops you.

This year one of her main goals is to get classed and compete at Para Triathlon Nationals this summer. CAF will continue to help her achieve her goals and support her along the way. The sport of Triathlon means so much to Abby, and she’s ready to take her competitiveness to the next level. Eventually, she hopes to compete internationally and represent her country.

“In the end, I wouldn’t be me without Cerebral Palsy. It has pushed me to exceed my best and never give up. To me, Cerebral Palsy isn’t a disability. It’s a different ability that makes me be more aware and grateful for what I have and it will never stop me.” -Abby Arne

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