Annie Carey

Challenge: Drop Foot, Limb Differential, Peroneal Nerve Damage

Sports: Track and Field, Swimming, Triathlon

Bio:¬†Catherine “Annie” Carey was born in china with a severe club foot. After being chosen by her forever family she was brought to the United States where she underwent serial casting and surgery ultimately resulting in correction, however resulting in drop foot along with nerve damage. Early on it was determined that for Annie to have a healthy and physically active lifestyle, she would have to wear an AFO (Ankle Foot Orthosis) on a daily basis.

At the age of seven Annie watched the London Olympics and saw Oscar Pistorius run at which point she announced that she was going to go to the Olympics and win a gold medal, thus starting her journey in adaptive sports. Within a few short months she started the Tri Club at the Treasure Valley YMCA, in Boise with One Arm Willie as her Coach and receiving her first CAF grant. Since her start with the Tri Club, Annie has gone on to compete in multiple competitions in Triathlon, Track & Field and Swimming, holding multiple records.

In the past five years that Annie has been competing she has been is bound and determined to make it to the Paralympics, either in Track & Field, Swimming, and recently she was introduced to the sport of Paratriathlon which she is starting to train for.

Underneath Annie’s quiet personality is a fierce competitor who is hardworking, dedicated, and determined, she believes that she will podium one day.

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