Cody was born with a medical condition that caused him to have legs amputated at the knees when he was very young.

One of Cody’s goals is to swim for Team USA in the Paralympics; he spends hours every week training as well as traveling across the country to compete in meets.  He also has been on the student council, band, recycle club, junior counselor’s club, and many other school activities. Besides being a Paralympian, Cody’s other dream is to be an anesthesiologist.

One of the greatest opportunities he has had because of being an amputee, is that he has the honor of working with our military that have been injured while serving and protecting our Country. He visits with them while they are in the hospital and at rehab. He helps them to see that they will still be able to live an active and fun life. They will just do things a little differently. They often have lost hope after what they have gone through, and he tries to help them overcome and see that if they have a positive outlook, anything is possible!

Cody has helped countless individuals with physical challenges learn that they too can and will accomplish and do whatever they set their mind to!

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