Challenge: Spinal Cord Injury

Sports: WCMX, Triathlon, Sled Hockey, Basketball, Surfing, Baseball

Bio: 12-year-old Delmace has a spinal cord injury suffered at, or shortly after, birth – but he has never let this slow him down. Delmace was born in Haiti and abandoned by his birth family before he was a year old. He spent several years living at a home for disabled youth – and that’s where he met his adoptive mother. He was 3½ when the 2010 earthquake occurred. It severely damaged the building where he lived – but it also paved the way for him to come to the US sooner than expected.

Since arriving in the US, Delmace has had one speed – FAST! He loves all types of sports but especially enjoys those that involve speed. Delmace is also a bit of a risk taker, which is why he is so drawn to the sport of WCMX – wheelchair motocross. For the past 3 years he has competed at the WCMX World championships – placing 3rd in the Intermediate division the first year, and 1st the past 2 years. One of his big goals is to land a wheelchair backflip – and to someday compete head-to-head with his idol, Aaron Fotheringham. Delmace is also the captain of his youth sled hockey team, and they just won a National championship in their division. He recorded 2 hat tricks during the tournament, and dreams of playing for Team USA in the Paralympics when he’s older. Delmace attended his first CAF San Diego Triathlon Challenge in 2015, and the experience sparked an interest in wheelchair track. Since then, he has completed several 5Ks and his first triathlon last summer. Delmace also attended CAF surf camp in 2017 and would love to do more surfing in the future. Since receiving his first grant for a basketball wheelchair in 2015, Delmace has thrived on the continued support and encouragement from CAF mentor athletes.

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