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When Eliana was born the doctors thought she was completely blind. She had underdeveloped eyes along with congenial glaucoma and cataracts and underwent surgery to remove her lenses, rendering her with only very limited vision in her right eye. Yet she never let her disability hold her back, whether as a college student majoring in Psychology or as a dedicated athlete. Growing up in Oregon, she led a very active lifestyle, one that involved hiking, camping, skiing, and of course playing sports. Eliana tried a variety of sports, including cheerleading, track, gymnastics, and soccer, but when she discovered goalball she found a sport she could truly excel in without having to compensate for her vision loss.

Through this sport, Eliana claims that she has found a stronger sense of self and become a much more confident person. Eliana dedicates a lot of her time to giving back; she spent her summer working at a summer camp for visually impaired kids and wants to get her masters in counseling so she can work with kids that have disabilities.

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