Joshua Brass

Challenge: Sacral Agenesis/Caudal Regression Syndrome

Sports: Swim, Triathlon, Spartan Racing, Tennis

Bio: Joshua is a very active kid. He loves every sport that he tries and will do his best to master it. Josh has found 3 sports he wants to take on professionally – swimming, tennis and track. Just for fun Josh likes to compete in back to back kids Spartan races, triathlons, surfing and WCMX.
He has 1 goal and that is to be the next Kurt Fearnley. Whether it is taking on the Kokoda Track on his hands or representing Australia in Track it is his ultimate goal.

When Josh isn’t training, which is 4 days a week, you might find Josh whipping up a masterpiece in the kitchen or laxing back on his iPad watching YouTube.

Born with his disability Joshua’s parents enforced independence from an early age. Despite having no knee caps, tail bone and club feet, Josh adapted his life and found his true calling in sports. One person that made the most impact on both Joshua and his parents life was Christiaan Bailey. Since WCMX was Joshua’s first sport his wheelchair skills excelled. Christiaan through guidance via the internet and in person showed them what can be achieved.

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