Challenge Athlete



Cycling, Triathlon


At twenty-two, Justin was racing in the expert/pro class of road racing and starting to make a name for myself in that world when life took a sudden and extreme change.  Justin had an accident during a race and impacted the ground at about one-hundred and fifty miles per hour. The motorcycle landed on him several times breaking his back, multiple other bones, and damaging his spinal cord.  This accident put an abrupt end to Justin’s firefighting and motorcycle racing careers.  Justin knew he would never walk again, a fact that would have little impact on his quality of life.

Justin purchased his first handcycle and started riding; the competitive spirit was reignited.  Justin entered his first handcycle race 6 months later and was in love with racing all over again.  A year later, Justin got a racing wheelchair and started doing marathons and other running type events.  From there, triathlon was a natural next step.  Through hard work, perseverance and determination, Justin made the U.S. Triathlon team and represented the USA all over the world.

Justin makes an effort to live life every day to the fullest and also have a passion to inspire, mentor, and coach others to live in that same manner.  Justin is involved in the Challenged Athletes Foundation where he has seized the opportunity to show others, young and old, the spirit of athleticism and ability to be active has nothing to do with being able bodied.

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