Challenge: Below Knee Amputee

Sports: Surfing, Wheelchair Basketball, Tennis, Sitting Volleyball, Sled Hockey, Running

Bio: Luolin Webster was born with fibular hemimelia, in which the fibula is missing, along with deformities of the foot, ankle, and sometimes knee. Luolin was adopted from China when she was 2 1/2. She had surgery when she was 3, and her first prosthetic shortly thereafter. The day she received her first prosthetic, she ran out of the room and down the hall, and has not stopped since!

Luolin has been active her entire life. She has been a member of her school’s cross-country team, enjoys swimming, and participates in a number of adaptive sports including wheelchair basketball, and seated volleyball. Luolin kayaks in the summer, and with the help of CAF, was introduced to a sport she absolutely loves – surfing. Most recently Luolin received a CAF grant for a tandem bicycle, in order for her to learn how to ride, and participate in cycling events with her parents and brothers – all avid cyclists.
Luolin’s family are committed to supporting her in a wide range of physical activity and sport, with the goal towards long-term health, wellness, and personal development through sport.

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