Reid Hester

Reid Hester
Physical Challenge: Below Knee Amputee
Sports: Track, Swimming, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Golf
Hometown: Louisville, KY

Reid is an energetic and fierce adaptive athlete with a traumatic below the knee amputation due to a lawnmower accident in 2012. Reid has always been interested in competing in as many sports as he was allowed and has a strong drive to win.

When CAF gifted him his first running blade in 2014, the doors opened for Reid. He said, “now I can run as fast as I possibly can, and I can beat my friends.” He plays football, basketball, baseball, runs track and field, swims, and plays golf.

He competes at the highest level in his school and local community sports, as well as at the national record level for adaptive sports. His nickname is “the beast” due to his fierce competitive spirit and never give up attitude.

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