Reid Hester

Challenge: Below Knee Amputee

Sports: Track, Swimming, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Golf

Bio: Reid was in a lawnmower accident on May 24, 2012, at which time his left foot was amputated. He underwent 5 surgeries in his initial hospital stay, with further tibial shortening and a skin graft. He had an additional surgery in October 2012 to correct fibular overgrowth. Reid was a few weeks shy of his 3rd birthday when he was in the accident. Reid received a cast fitted with a prosthetic foot, walked 2 weeks after hospital discharge, and started preschool with his class on September 1, 2012.

In the last 5 years Reid has grown into a fearsome competitor. He does not shy away from challenges, competing with able bodied peers in track, swimming, football, basketball, baseball, soccer and golf. He excels in all athletic endeavors by his athletic ability and sheer force of will. Reid meets other children and parents encountering the life-altering experience of amputation, and shows them that life does go on. The highlights of the year for Reid are competing in the Endeavor Games and attending the Challenged Athlete Foundation’s Best Day in Tri. He looks forward to the competition and camaraderie of those events in equal measure. The friendships he has made, and the experiences he has had with CAF have been life altering.

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