Challenge: Achondroplasia/Dwarfism

Sports: Swimming, Surfing, Running/Track, Soccer, Basketball

Bio: Sebastian Desposato is a swimmer, surfer, triathlete, and all-around fitness fanatic. Sebastian, age 9, was born with achondroplasia, the most common form of dwarfism, which limits growth especially in long limbs. Being short has never slowed him down. As a Team USA athlete at the World Dwarf Games in Canada in 2017, he took 13 medals, including eight gold and two new records in swimming. He is currently training for the Dwarf Athletic Association National Games in Orlando and qualifying for Adaptive Sports USA 2018 Jr. Nationals. When not in the pool, he loves to surf with CAF and compete in triathlons. He also likes mountain biking and soccer. Sebastian is proud to be a CAF athlete and is grateful for the amazing people and support of CAF!

His dad likes to tell a story about Sebastian at a new pool, when he was training for the World Dwarf Games. Sometimes people make comments about Sebastian because he is little. This time, a bunch of kids were overheard saying about Sebastian ,”Hey, did you see that kid with all the muscles?”

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