Give the Gift of Sport in 2022


Grant Program
Providing sports prosthetics, adaptive sports equipment, and expenses for coaching, training, and competition travel.

Sports Clinics
Creating opportunities for athletes of all ages and experience levels nationwide to try new sports and learn from expert coaches.

Operation Rebound
Supporting military veterans and first responders, taking athletes from front line to finish line.

Mentorship + Community Outreach
Building a strong and supportive community while offering opportunities for mentorship connections.


Winter Snowflakes

Meet Alexis

“With grants like these, athletes can see beyond their dreams.”

Alexis Romero has always enjoyed sports and fitness; however, after a car accident in 2018 resulted in a spinal cord injury, his sports passions now include participating in full and half marathons using his racing wheelchair. His goals are to continue to compete, improving his personal record, and setting a path forward toward Paralympic competition. Alexis says that sport has given him a lot, “It has taught me a different way to see life, discipline and courage to deal with any issue that appears in my life and last but not least, thanks to sport, I have met amazing people who have become my family.”

Winter Snowflakes

Meet Vivian

“It feels really good to know that I can participate in everything. I know CAF will set me up for success.” 

For the past four years, Vivian Elison has thrived through sport. While she is focused on Nordic skiing, mountain biking, and hand-cycling, she never misses an opportunity to try something new. Her family says that sports have made a significant and positive impact on her life, boosting her confidence, and putting herself out there, even when it is hard. With continued support from CAF, Vivian plans to continue to explore the world through sport.

Winter Snowflakes

Meet Marlene

Marlene has set a goal to be as active as possible through sports and movement, trying everything at least once. Through sports participation, she has not only gained confidence but has been introduced to an amazing and supportive community. Born with spina bifida, Marlene finds joy through movement and is eager to continue exploring her love for wheelchair dance.

Winter Snowflakes

Meet Gio

Gio is extremely active with a love for competition in both swimming and track and field. Born with fibular hemimelia, he experienced the amputation of his lower left leg at 13 months old. Gio says that sports have made a positive impact on his life, helping to build his confidence, social skills, and connecting him to a fun and supportive community.

Gio’s upcoming goals are to improve his wrestling skills, agility training, and upper body strength for swimming. CAF provides him with the opportunities to travel to participate in the sports he loves and reach his goals.

Winter Snowflakes