Welcome to Week Five

Welcome to week five of the CAF Virtual Adaptive Track & Field Program!

Below you will find the program practice plans and the week five videos. As you complete your practices and challenges, please share on social media using the hashtag #CAFHighSchoolSports and tagging CAF using @CAFoundation on Instagram and @CAFOrg on Facebook.

Follow CAF on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and join our High School Adaptive Sports Program Facebook Group for an opportunity to meet other athletes! Please reach out to [email protected] with any questions!

Ambulatory Sprints

Ambulatory Throws

Seated Throws

Wheelchair Racing

Please note that exercises may be performed differently by each athlete depending on your level and experience – AND THAT IS OKAY!

If needed, you should modify drills in order to perform movements safely and with good form, move through practices at a slower pace, use stabilizing objects, eliminate weight from strength & conditioning drills, and rest as needed. If an exercise cannot be modified, you can skip that movement and focus on other exercises that work for you!

This program is all about getting active, acquiring new skills, and having FUN – don’t get discouraged if something is difficult. Just try your best and enjoy the learning process!