The 4th grade students at Mayfair Elementary School in Philadelphia, PA were taught the idea of “Caring” as one of their IB (international baccalaureate) learning profiles. With caring, there comes compassion and empathy.

Students were given the statement “Anything is Possible” and asked to write an essay how anything is possible for people with special needs/disabilities.

Mind Map 2Ns Foundation Glenn Hartrick

Teacher, Erika Moore, taught students about CAF and challenged athlete triathlete Glenn Hartrick (2Ns Foundation) through YouTube and research. Students were able to include specific examples of CAF athletes in their essays.

Not to mention, they used African American quotes by Nelson Mandela, Wole Soyinka, Langston Hughes, and Martin Luther King, to encompass great leaders and inspirational quotations that they were taught all month long. This, they connected on their own, and Erika couldn’t be any prouder of these 4th grade students.

Glenn Hartrick Mind Map

CAF and Glenn Hartrick Mind Map Board Project

Central Idea: People tell stories with similar themes to understand the world around them.

Summative Assessment: Students created a mind map to identify and demonstrate the key details, research, main ideas, important words and concepts and any imagery of the outcome of their chosen research.

Recommended topics given to students to research:
– CAF (Challenged Athlete Foundation)
– Glenn Hartrick
– 2 N’s Foundation
– Treacher Collins Syndrome
– Joubert Syndrome
– Downs Syndrome
– Dwarfism (little people)
– Ainsley’s Angels

CAF Mind Map Board Project

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