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A challenged athlete is an individual with a permanent physical disability pursuing an active lifestyle through physical fitness or competitive athletics. The individual’s permanent disability must impair mobility, affect the neuromuscular system, impair balance or motor control. CAF uses the International Paralympic Committee’s classification structure as a guideline and all qualifying individuals must provide supporting documentation from a medical professional to explain how their physical disability affects their activities of daily living. Hearing impairments, Intellectual and developmental disabilities do not qualify for support through CAF.

Some of the most common conditions among challenged athletes are spinal cord injury, amputations, visual impairments, hemiplegia, paraplegia, quadriplegia, limb differences, short stature, and impaired passive range of movement. There are many diagnoses that can cause these and other permanent physical disabilities, so it is vital to have a thorough Medical Verification of Disability to explain one’s physical limitations and support their eligibility as a challenged athlete.

>>Challenged Athlete Medical Verification of Disability Guidelines and Form<<

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If you are an individual with a permanent physical disability pursuing an active lifestyle through physical fitness or competitive athletics, please register with CAF to receive information about our programs and community events.

Whether you are an elite, competitive, or recreational athlete, we want to connect you with our thriving community of athletes and supporters who are committed to empowering individuals with physical challenges through sports.

Benefits to include but not limited to:
· Access to grant applications
· Mentorship opportunities & connections with fellow athletes
· Regional adaptive sport and social opportunities
· CAF Camps & Clinics in your area
· Community building opportunities
· Discounts from CAF partners
· Instructional videos about adaptive sports
· Support for honorably discharged or active duty U.​S.​ military and first responders
· Coaching & training resources

Once you register, you will receive updates from CAF about events, camps, clinics, and ways to stay involved in our community.

As a grant seeking organization, it is vital for CAF to maintain accurate records about those we serve. Current and accurate records help us to share information about events happening in your local or regional community. Please contact [email protected] with any questions and welcome to Team CAF!