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Adaptive Equipment for Paddleboarding

The range of equipment for paddleboarding includes paddleboards, seating systems, outriggers, paddles, gripping devices, and transportation devices. Scroll below to learn more…

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Adaptations can be made to a standard paddleboard to suit an individual’s preference for their paddling experience. However, adaptive paddle boards are also available for individuals to have a more enjoyable paddling experience. See below to learn more about a few of the types of paddleboards that are available…

Oar Board

This paddleboard comes in a combo package, having a rower unit that can be used while seated, carbon fiber paddles, a seat that can be attached to the board, and a bag with wheels and air pump that provides ease with transportation.


Information and photo pulled from Oar Board. Oar Bard.
Oar Board

Trident Paddleboard

This paddleboard is designed to suit a wide range of abilities, having the ability to accommodate most manual wheelchairs. The shape of the board is designed to track straight with less effort required to paddle at a faster speed. This board has the option to be ridden by two people, and outriggers can be attached to the board for increased stability if desired.


Information and photo pulled from Access Revolution. Trident Paddleboard.
trident paddle board


Seating systems are available to suit varying abilities and preferences to have a more comfortable paddleboarding experience. See below to learn more about the types of seating systems for paddleboarding…

Manual Wheelchair Accommodation

As shown in the trident paddleboard above, some paddleboards have the option to accommodate for an individual to paddleboard while seated on their manual wheelchair that is positioned on the board.


Information and photo pulled from Access Revolution. Manual Wheelchair Accommodation.
Manual Wheelchair on Paddleboard

Paddleboard Seat

This seat provides full back support and can be attached to all paddleboards that have four rigging points positioned near the center handle.


Information and photo pulled from Hala Gear. Paddleboard Seat.
Seat for Paddleboards


Outriggers can be attached to the paddle board. Similar to kayaking outriggers, these are intended to provide increased stability while paddling. See below to learn more about a few types of outriggers for paddleboards…

Inflatable Outrigger

Outriggers are available to add to the paddleboard. It is important to consider the distance from the paddle board the outriggers are positioned. The farther away outriggers are from the paddleboard the more stability the individual will have. This particular outrigger is inflatable, attached with a strap system, and is positioned closer to the paddle board, providing minimal added stability.


Information and photo pulled from Airhead. Inflatable Outrigger.
inflatable outrigger

Stabilizer Float Package

This stabilizer float package has suction cups that attach to the paddleboard, and a strap system that holds the suction cups in place. The outrigger arms are adjustable, extending up to 20 inches on each side of the paddleboard. This float package has a hydrodynamic design for minimal drag in the water and increased stability. 


Information and photo pulled from Duluth Pack. Stabilizer Float Package.
Stabilizer Float Package


A wide range of paddles exist to suit a variety of abilities and preferences. See below to learn more about just a few paddles for paddleboarding…


For individuals who would like to paddleboard while seated, the rower paddle system is available (as shown in the adaptive paddleboard section above). This device attaches to the paddleboard and the individual simply rows the paddles to move forward. 


Information and photo pulled from Oar Board. Rower.
Rowing System

Bent Shaft Paddle

The bent shaft paddle looks similar to a standard paddle: However, this paddle has divets where each hand grasps the paddle. These divets reduce stress on wrists and help to prevent overuse injuries if the individual paddles frequently.


Information and photo pulled from Aquatic Hero. Bent Shaft Paddle.
bent shaft paddle

Lightweight Carbon Fiber Paddle

Carbon Fiber paddles are similar to a standard paddle. However, these are more lightweight and durable. Use of these paddles require less strength and endurance to engage in kayaking.


Information and photo pulled from Fire Paddle Company. Lightweight Carbon Fiber Paddle.
Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle


Devices are available and intended to provide additional support for the hands and wrists while paddling. See below to learn more about some of these devices…

Paddle Grip

This paddle grip is designed to provide additional padding to the hands to reduce pressure on palms, fingers, and tendons. This helps to improve grip on the paddle and reduce blisters and calluses. This lightweight paddle grip is simply attached around the paddle with velcro and is ready for use.


Information and photo pulled from Cascade Creek. Paddle Grip.
Paddle Grip

Wrist Guard

Many wrist guard products are available. This wrist guard provides additional wrist support and helps to prevent injuries of the wrist while paddling. This cuff is applied with two velcro straps and can be worn on the left or right wrist. 


Information and photo pulled from McDavid. Wrist Guard.
Wrist Guard


Devices are available and intended to provide ease with transportation of the paddle board. See some of the devices for transportation below.

Carrying Strap

Carrying straps are intended to provide ease with carrying the paddleboard and have a shoulder pad for increased comfort. Two straps are simply looped around the paddle board and secured and are then ready to be carried on the individual’s shoulder.


Information and photo pulled from Park2Peak. Carrying Strap.
paddleboard carrying strap

Transport Cart

A variety of transport cart products are available to provide ease with transportation of paddleboards. The transport cart shown in this image can carry two paddleboards while the individual pulls on the front end of the boards. 


Information and photo pulled from Store Your Board. Transport Cart.
Transport Cart
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