Adaptive Equipment for Beep Baseball

Specialized adaptive equipment is necessary to engage in this sport, which includes a beeping baseball, buzzing bases, and blindfolds. Scroll below to learn more…


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Beeping baseballs are used in this sport to help players locate the ball while batting and to retrieve the ball after a player has hit the ball. See below to learn more…

Beeping Baseball

Beep baseballs make a steady beeping noise while in play to allow the players to track the location of the ball through sound. Beep baseballs are larger in size when compared to a standard baseball. Beep baseballs are also lighter in weight due to the core of the ball containing a beeping mechanism.


Information and photo pulled from National Baseball Hall of Fame. Beeping Baseball. 
Stewart, M. (2014). Ball from final out of national beep baseball association game between Austin blackhawks and indianapolis RHI extreme in Rochester, MN for the NBAA championship game (Photograph].


Buzzing bases are used within beep baseball to guide the player to run in the direction of the base. See below to learn more…

Buzzing Base

Buzzing bases make a steady buzzing sound once the ball is hit to help the runner locate the base. One of two bases, on either first or third base, will begin buzzing after the player hits the ball. These bases are tall in height and made of a soft material to help the player safely locate the base once close-by to the buzzing sound.


Information and photo pulled from Sports Illustrated Kids. Buzzing Base.
buzzing base


Blindfolds are worn within beep baseball to ensure fairness of the game and are worn by all players except for the pitcher and catcher. See below to learn more…


Blindfolds are worn within beep baseball despite the player’s degree or type of visual impairment to ensure fairness of the game. If the opposing team requests that a player wear eye-patches, that athlete will have to wear eye-patches underneath their blindfold and apply tape to the outer edges of the blindfold to ensure fairness during play.


Information pulled from National Beep Baseball Association. Photo pulled from Tools for Wellness.
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