Vesco Metal Craft (VMC) was established in 1994 by Neil Vesco as a part-time custom metal fabrication shop intended to help pay for his college expenses. The focus was ‘formula’ style race car chassis, custom one-off motorcycle frames and a myriad of custom sheet-metal work.

In 2002, Neil attended a business meeting with wheelchair manufacturer Colours N’ Motion and met Mike Box who explained that he built rugby wheelchairs after normal business hours. After taking a backorder of chairs to help Mike, Neil built only one chair using Mike’s before collaborating with his father Tom to create a totally new chair design that would eventually revolutionize the sport. This operation quickly became a full-time endeavor from demand, in which Tom took over with the help of his impressive workshop of metal working tools and equipment.

This gave birth to a cornerstone in the sport of wheelchair rugby; the signature red wheels and frame design can be seen at rugby tournaments of every level to this day.

What Customers Can Expect

Located in Chula Vista, the VMC shop is meticulously clean and runs efficient on every level. The most impressive asset is not located in the shop, however, but a digital database of every single Vesco chair sold with exact measurements detailed to the liking of the owner. As most customers have had the chance to try out other chairs at practices or tournaments, the ability to reference a current Vesco user’s chair and instantly bring up their exact measurements provides a sound starting point for discussion and creating measurements for the customer’s own chair. Despite having thousands of chairs produced, each customer is treated like a relationship and important piece to further honing their own craft while giving you the best opportunity to improve yours!


  • Frames constructed of aircraft grade 6061-T6 aluminum.
  • Frame components are all TIG welded.
  • Geometrically engineered to increase strength while reducing mass.
  • Frames are heat treated to aerospace quality standards to dramatically increase durability.
  • Innovators and developers of the 5/8 axle which is now the industry standard.

Contact Information

Vesco Metal Craft
2425 Fenton St Chula Vista Ca 91914
Tel 619.591.4862 | Fax 619.591.4401
[email protected]

Player Testimonials

“A Vesco rugby chair is elite, athletic equipment, master-crafted and performance driven. I confidently recommend Vesco chairs to anyone looking for the best, longest lasting equipment in the world because I know they will be satisfied.”

Andy Cohn, Class 2.0

12-year Paralympic Team/Nation Team player, 2016 Assistant Coach for the Paralympic Games in Rio

“My Vesco chair has allowed me to play the sport at the highest level. Knowing you have the best built chair gives you confidence as a player; knowing your equipment will allow you to perform at the highest level.”

Jason Regier, Class 0.5

12-year Paralympic Team/Nation Team player, Current Denmark National Team Head Coach

Future Ventures

Keep an eye out for VMC day chairs! Vesco has just started the production of manual wheelchairs to bring the same level of care and quality to their customer’s everyday lives.