Greg Mannino Skiing on Mono ski

VitalFit is pleased to be the official skin care sponsor of 2020 Challenged Athletes Foundation Community Challenge. Over the course of this last year VitalFit has been steadily building our relationship with CAF, as we knew that our skin care system would have a profound and positive effect on the lives of athletes of all abilities, including those with limb loss and at risk skin.

VitalFit Greg Mannino Skiing

The VitalFit Skin Care System helps

– Reduce sweat
– Skin irritation
– Skin chafing
– Odor and fungal infections
– Bacterial infections
– Heat rash

The VitalFit Skin Care System was created by Paul Dean, M.D. He has been practicing dermatology in San Diego for over 35 years as well as developed a cosmetic skincare line 25 years ago. Dr. Dean is extremely passionate in everything he does, so it comes as no surprise that this passion is reflective in his daily work with his patients, as well as becoming an innovative source of information in the world of skin.

VitalFit stems from a passion of wanting to educate people on the prevention of skin issues and the importance of maintaining healthy skin and a healthy lifestyle.
With the support of CAF, Amputee Coalition and clinicians throughout the country VitalFit has been able to address the skin care needs of individuals wearing orthotic or prosthetic devices and beyond. Athletes of all abilities quickly discovered the benefits of VitalFit for increased skin integrity and performance.
We are beyond excited that Greg Maninno, Olympic and Paralympic Medalist has joined the VitalFit Team as a client and spokesperson. With Greg, we have been able to take his passion for life and adventure and reach people who are in need of a system to heal and restore skin. Greg has reminded us that there are absolutely no boundaries for staying active and doing what you love everyday.

VitalFit is committed to filling a void for all individuals with at risk skin and to be a resource of information in the athletic community. We encourage people to share their personal journey so that everyday is a successful day.

Visit the VitalFitSr website for more information.

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