JULY 25-28, 2024
Event Details
Lodging & Travel
Event Details
Lodging & Travel

Known more for high elevation sagebrush deserts and mountain peaks than beaches, Idaho is still perhaps one of the absolute best places to recreate on the water. What we lack in oceans and beaches we make up for with steep snowmelt-fed rivers, mountain lakes, and elusive native trout. Experience it all with CAF-Idaho at our Water Sports Weekend, a three-day adventure that embraces the spirit of inclusion, community, and mentorship.

About CAF-Idaho WATER Sports Weekend

Inclusive Water Sports Weekend


For this three-day adventure, you will participate in Whitewater Rafting, Wake Surfing, and Fly Fishing. Our goal is to create an inclusive environment for athletes with all physical disabilities of all levels. The CAF-Idaho Water Sports Weekend will create unforgettable moments on and off the water.

Community, Mentorship, and Beyond


Extend your connections beyond sport. Our event fosters a supportive atmosphere where experts serve as mentors, guiding beginners through the excitement of trying something new. In addition to the instructional clinics, we host dinners and get together where participants can connect, collaborate, and learn from one another at the CAF-Idaho Water Sports Weekend.

Safe and Enjoyable Exploration


Prioritizing safety and fun, we ensure that every participant can explore water sports in a secure and enjoyable setting. We work with professional guiding services for fishing and whitewater rafting, and bring in the experts from Wake for Warriors to lead our Wake Surfing experience.


What are you waiting for? Join us at the CAF-Idaho Water Sports Weekend!


Event Details

CAF-Idaho’s Water Sports Weekend is primarily experiential – thus each clinic/ experience will be targeted at beginners. If you are an expert in one of these sports, feel free to still apply and we’ll do our best to make it a fun experience.

Date: July 25-28

Location: Boise, Idaho

Contact: [email protected]

Come be a part of the CAF-Idaho Water Sports Weekend!

CAF-Idaho WATER Sports Weekend Schedule

Participants will be assigned to one of three groups – A, B, and C

Day 1:

Date: Thursday, July 25

Day 2:

Fishing – Group A

Whitewater Rafting – Group B

Wake Surfing – Group C

Date: Friday, July 26

Day 3:

Fishing – Group C

Whitewater Rafting – Group A

Wake Surfing – Group B

Date: Saturday July 27

Day 4:

Fishing – Group B

Whitewater Rafting – Group C

Wake Surfing – Group A

Date: Sunday, July 28

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate in the CAF-Idaho Water Sports Weekend?

  • The event is open to anyone with a permanent physical disability. We welcome athletes with physical disabilities of all levels, though this event is targeted more a beginners in the three offered sports

Do participants need prior experience in the specific sports offered?

  • No prior experience is required. Expert instructors will be on hand to guide and support participants.

How can I register for the event?

  • Registration details can be found on our registration tab which is available at the top of this page. Follow the registration instructions to secure your spot for the CAF-Idaho Water Sports Weekend.

What equipment will be provided, and what should participants bring?

  • Equipment for each sport will be provided. Participants are encouraged to check the weather. Idaho summers are typically hot, but July rainstorms are always a possibility! Sun protections/ sunscreen are nearly mandatory!

Is there a cost to participate?

  • Participation in the CAF-Idaho Water Sports Weekend is free for registered athletes. This includes coaching, guiding, equipment rental, lunch, and lodging (for Idaho residents coming from outside of the Treasure Valley).

Is travel assistance available?

  • Some travel assistance funding is available. Idaho residents can get their entire travel covered for this event (this includes a flight for the participant and one guest/caretaker for those living in north Idaho). Those living outside of Idaho should reach out to April – [email protected] for more information on travel assistance open to guests coming from out of state.

Can family and friends attend the event?

  • Absolutely! We encourage family and friends to join us and be a part of the supportive community. Unlike most other CAF-Idaho events, participation is limited to CAF eligible athletes, family members/ caretakers/ friends will be mostly relegated to shore throughout the event.

Can I volunteer for the CAF-Idaho Water Sports Weekend?

  • Yes, we welcome volunteers! If you’re interested in contributing your time and skills to support the event, please visit our registration link for volunteer opportunities that will be available soon.

Are there accommodations for participants of all physical disabilities?

  • Yes, we strive to make the event accessible to all. Please indicate any specific accessibility needs during the registration process.

Are there an unlimited number of spots?

  • No, this event is limited to 45 participants. Those who register before July 1 will be considered as one group. Priority will be based on Idaho residency, past involvement with CAF, equipment availability, and demonstrated interest. If spots remain after July 1, they will be filled on a first-come-first-served basis (assuming we have appropriate/ adequate coaching and equipment available.

How can I become a sponsor or partner for the event?

  • We appreciate your interest! For sponsorship and partnership inquiries, please contact [email protected] for more information.

Lodging and Travel

For Idaho Residents:

We are committed to ensuring that cost is not a barrier to entry for any Idaho resident.

To support your attendance:

  • Travel Reimbursement: If you are traveling from within Idaho, we can reimburse your travel expenses.
  • Lodging: For those residing outside the Treasure Valley, we provide hotel accommodations in Boise from July 25-29.
  • Flights for Northern Idaho Residents: If you are coming from Northern Idaho, we offer flights for you and one guest/ caretaker.

If you are interested in travel assistance, please reach out to April Rohr at [email protected].

April will guide you through the process and ensure you have all the necessary information.

For Out-of-State Participants:

Even for out-of-state participants, there is no registration fee for the Water Sports Weekend. As for travel/ lodging, limited travel funding is available for out-of-state participants.

To apply for travel assistance:

  1. Contact April Rohr: Before applying, reach out to April Rohr at [email protected] to express your interest and discuss available options.
  2. Application Process: April will provide you with details on the application process. Funding is limited, so we encourage early applications.

We want to make your journey to the CAF Idaho Water Sports Weekend as smooth as possible. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with April Rohr for any questions or assistance regarding travel and accommodations.


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The CAF Idaho team is here to support your athletic endeavors. Please reach out with any questions.