Physical Challenge: Paraplegia
Sports: Hand-cycling, Monoskiing
Hometown: Bend, OR
No excuses, no regrets. That’s the motto Danielle Watson lives by.

While rock climbing, Danielle fell over 250 feet and broke her ankles, femur, pelvis, and back in two places. She became paralyzed as a result and has since been involved in many adaptive sports. She loves traveling and competitions all over the country.

Danielle has her masters degree in occupational therapy and works as a hand therapist while training hard to compete with her team in national and international competitions. Through 2020 she found it challenging to remain motivated; due to the pandemic most races were cancelled and training had to be done alone. But being a member of the CAF Women’s Adaptive Handcycling Team has helped her overcome these challenges.

Having the support and inspiration of the other women on the team keeps her going even when she have trouble motivating herself. With access to mentorship, a solid training plan, and – most importantly – a team that relies on her, she stayed the course and is now setting her sights on the next race.

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