The bright yellow shirts Team Zach wears serve as a beacon of hope to the team; each member can always find other teammates in a sea of racers, spectators, and athletes during the CAF Community Weekend.

But the shirts are more than that. They represent teamwork, camaraderie, and togetherness for Team Zach members.

They represent the team’s support of Zach, a 7 – almost 8 – year old who had to have both legs amputated shortly before his 2nd birthday. Zach received a pair of Össur Flex-run Junior running feet from CAF in March of 2018 which allowed Zach to play soccer and stay active with his peers.

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Teamwork When it Matters Most

A tradition that started the second year Team Zach attended the CAF Community Weekend and San Diego Triathlon Challenge has continued to grow and morph into something bigger. And now 6 years later, they’re back at it again!

Every year the Harrell family makes their “big ask” to friends, family, and their supporting community to help fundraise for CAF and Team Zach. And every year their community steps up to donate to their teamraiser in support of individuals with physical disabilities.

“CAF became our “bucket filler” every year since the first year we came down when Zach was not even 2 years old and had just had his amputation.” – Lauren Hettema, Zach’s mom

With the power of Zach’s story, and how CAF has helped him access sport, his community is incredibly generous year after year and understands how much the organization means to the family and individuals with physical disabilities.

The most recent Team Zach fundraiser was held just a few weeks ago and raised over $10,000 for Team Zach!

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