In 2019, CAF formed the Developmental Racing Teams to expand participation and access in adaptive cycling. 

The CAF Developmental Racing Teams are a testament to the power of inclusion, diversity, and dedication. Currently consisting of 6 UCI World Champions, 12 National Champions, 6 Paralympians, and 6 Paralympian Medalists, these teams are a force to be reckoned with. They bring together the experience of seasoned veterans and the enthusiasm of young talents, creating a well-rounded machine that inspires us all.

Together, these athletes form a cohesive unit that is setting the standard for the para-cycling world.

The CAF Women’s Handcycle Team

Alicia Dana

A true legend in the para-cycling world and greatest of all time (GOAT). Her experience and expertise are invaluable to the team.

Ryen Reed

Ryen is on the cusp of joining the elite ranks of para-cycling and her potential is limitless.

Gabby Platt

Gabby, a rising star, with her dedication and hard work is an integral part of the team’s success.

Danielle Watson

Danielle’s commitment and tireless practice make her a workhorse of the Women’s Handcycle Team.

The CAF Trike Team

Jill Walsh

Jill, the team GOAT, shares her wealth of experience with her teammates, making her an inspiration to all.

Mandy Kloepfer

Mandy’s talent and determination drive the Trike Team’s success on the road.

Ryan Boyle

Ryan’s impressive performance on the trike adds depth to the team’s roster. Ryan is on his way to returning to the elite level.

This year, the CAF Developmental Racing Teams have already left their mark on the international para-cycling stage. These remarkable accomplishments are a testament to their talent and dedication. Here’s a summary of their outstanding achievements:

World Cup Huntsville:
Alicia Dana: 1st in TT, 3rd in RR
Jill Walsh: 5th in TT, 5th in RR
Mandy Kloepfer: 7th in TT, 7th in RR
Gabby Platt: 10th in TT, 7th in RR
Danielle Watson: 9th in TT, 10th in RR
Ryen Reed: 10th in TT, 10th in RR
Ryan Boyle: 9th in TT, 13th in RR

Tour of American Dairylands, WI – 4 criteriums:
Alicia Dana: 1st Overall
Ryen Reed: 2nd Overall
Gabby Platt: 3rd Overall
Danielle Watson: 4th Overall

Rock Prairie, WI – Time Trial:
Alicia Dana: 1st in TT
Ryen Reed: 1st in TT
Jill Walsh: 2nd in TT
Gabby Platt: 3rd in TT
Ryan Boyle: 3rd in TT
Mandy Kloepfer: 3rd in TT
Danielle Watson: 4th in TT

World Championship of Paracycling, Glasgow, Scotland:
Alicia Dana: 4th in TT, 5th in RR, 3rd in Relay

US Paracycling Nationals in Augusta, GA:
Ryen Reed: 1st in TT, 1st in RR
Mandy Kloepfer: 1st in TT, 1st in RR
Gabby Platt: 2nd in TT, 1st in RR

Supporting the Journey

These athletes can only reach the National and International stages through the generosity of supporters like you. Your donations play a vital role in their success, enabling them to pursue their dreams and encourage others to overcome challenges.

This year, some of the athletes will ride the final leg of the Million Dollar Challenge presented by Sully, host a cycling clinic for the CAF Community Challenge fueled by Toyota, and race alongside other competitors in the San Diego Triathlon Challenge presented by Dan + Geof on Oct 19-22.

The Challenged Athletes Foundation Developmental Racing Teams prove that with determination, hard work, and the support of a caring community, athletes with physical disabilities can achieve greatness. As they continue to shine on the global stage, let’s keep cheering them on. They, along with their manager Steve Peace, would like to thank you and say “keep the rubber side down”. Thank you!