Dr. Bryon Solberg SDTC

Physical Challenge: Paraplegic
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Sport: Marathon, Running, Cycling, Hiking, Weightlifting

A five-sport athlete in high school, Dr. Bryon Solberg’s passion for sports and fitness continued well into his 30’s as an avid runner, hiker and cyclist. He earned his medical degree from UCSD and had a successful career as an anesthesiologist. In 1999 doctors discovered he was born without a small bone, the odontoid, that protects the C1 and C2 vertebrae from separating and putting pressure on the spinal cord. Most people with this condition die at a young age. However, Bryon (age 58) is believed to be the oldest survivor of the condition and he has had to relearn how to walk twice due to necessary surgeries.

CAF became a “game-changer” in his life where he found connection, community and support that helped Bryon thrive. In 2002, he completed his first marathon without the aid of a wheelchair. Since then, he has gone on to find his own cure as a runner with a spinal cord injury and has completed more than 192 marathons on foot using canes and braces. Bryon’s passion for physical activity is interwoven into his passion for serving others. He has humbly volunteered countless hours for CAF and become an integral member at CAF events and within the community; always with a smile on his face!


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