Hometown: Mount Airy, Maryland, USA

Personal Story: Daniel Romanchuk is an elite American Paralympic athlete known for his remarkable achievements in wheelchair racing. He has earned a reputation for his speed, determination, and competitive spirit. Born with spina bifida, Romanchuk was enrolled in adaptive sports programs at the Kennedy Krieger Institute by his parents at the age of two. He participated in various sports, including archery, sled hockey, and softball, before focusing on track events. At age six, he competed in his first track meet and set age-group records, competing nationally at an early age. Romanchuk trained with the Bennett Blazers, an adaptive sports club linked to the Kennedy Krieger Institute. He began focusing on track seriously at the encouragement of his mother in 2014, aiming for the 2016 Paralympic team. Under the guidance of coach Adam Bleakney at the University of Illinois, he honed his skills and became a top competitor in wheelchair racing. Romanchuk has a passion for math, engineering, and understanding how things work. He often disassembled and reassembled household items as a child. He is pursuing studies in engineering with hopes of advancing technology for racing chairs. Romanchuk remains connected to his roots at the Kennedy Krieger Institute and the Bennett Blazers, frequently mentoring young athletes with disabilities. His story is one of perseverance, strength, and humility, reflecting the love and support he has received throughout his life.

Physical Challenge: Spina Bifida

Sport: Wheelchair Racing

Social Media: Instagram

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