On November 18, 2007 Sergeant Robert Laux and his team were accompanying crews with metal detectors and dogs near Baghdad. Their mission was to find the remains of two kidnapped American soldiers. Robert took the lead and his team followed.

A soldier walking near Robert stepped on an IED. The blast blew Robert to the ground, dislocating his left shoulder and shattering his left elbow, arm, and wrist.

After 2 years and 42 surgeries – including metal plates, skin grafts, and the temporary attachment of his arm to his body to aid the healing process, Robert presses forward to exercise and strengthen his body. Because his dominant arm was badly wounded, Robert has required extensive re-training so he can perform basic tasks such as writing.

During this time Robert drew on his roots as a high school track and cross country runner to speed his recovery. He also became actively involved in the Walter Reed cycling program and received a bicycle from CAF Operation Rebound so that he can continue his cycling endeavors.

“CAF Operation Rebound has been helpful in my recovery by providing me the means to pursue my athletic goals.”-Robert Laux

The generosity of supporters like you has given Robert the opportunity to experience the healing power of sports.

How Does Operation Rebound Help?

Operation Rebound provides unparalleled sports opportunities and support to our troops and veterans of any branch of service and first responders who have served honorably and have suffered permanent physical injuries. Grants are awarded for event travel, lodging, entry fees, training and equipment.

How Can You Help?

Make a tax-deductible contribution to Challenged Athletes, Inc., (dba Challenged Athletes Foundation) a non-profit 501 (C) (3) organization. To make a donation, please call (858) 866-0959, send a check to the address listed below, or make a secure payment through our website:

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