Kids Run + Roll at CCC Weekend 2022.

If you need your faith in humanity restored, go to a Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) event.

Authored by: Lara Wozniak


Passing walkers, runners, cyclists, and drivers all waved, hooted, hollered, and honked in support during the 2022 CAF triathlon in Mission Bay, San Diego. Their enthusiasm was contagious. The crankiest amongst us couldn’t have helped but smile that mid-October morning.

My son and I were meeting up with Dr. B, a longtime participant whom it seemed nearly everyone knew by name. He tipped us off that the not-to-be missed event was the kids’ race. That’s where he asked us to meet before joining him on the run portion of the triathlon.

Lined with supporters howling cheers, the young competitors raced an out-and-back course designed to give fans an optimal view. Anyone who has ever entered any race would have recognized the emotions writ large on the kids’ faces: excitement and fear; joy and determination; an “I can do this!” spirit that gave way to “thank goodness I am at the halfway mark…” to “where is that finish line?” and finally back to “I can do this!” The roaring support was infectious. Everyone was cheering everyone on, not just the child they knew. We watched the whole race. At the end, my teenaged son’s eyes were as glassy as mine.


“It’s humbling not knowing what a person has gone through to get to the start line, but it’s also inspiring. That uplifting feeling buzzed throughout the San Diego Triathlon Challenge presented by Dan + Geof .”
 – Lara Wozniak, North America Media Lead at Accenture

Accenture team at CCC 2022

I signed up as a volunteer because for me exercise is a drug. I’m addicted to the endorphins; I’ve had some of the most important conversations of my life before-during-or after sports, I’ve worked out problems during endurance sessions, and blissed out during adrenaline-fueled peaks. And like many addicts, I proselytize. So, it makes sense I want to share the experience.


“In fact, I’d go so far to say I believe all athletes who love their sport (regardless of level) should help others’ access it. Somebody took the time out to help you, pass it on.
– Lara Wozniak, North America Media Lead at Accenture


That may just mean being present. My son and I joined three other runners with Dr. B during his event. He didn’t need us there but welcomed us, and we didn’t do much more than create a larger bubble of joyous people celebrating being able to participate. We got to wave, smile, and cheer other strangers racing and watching. We got to pass on the joy and restore our own faith in humanity.


We volunteered, ostensibly to help, and left feeling as though it was CAF who helped us.


Empowering Lives Through Sport

Funds raised from Community Challenge Weekend support CAF’s mission to empower lives through sport, so athletes can pursue active lifestyles and experience life without limitations. CAF believes that involvement in sports at any level increases self-esteem, encourages independence, and enhances one’s quality of life. This is only one of many inclusive events throughout the year that showed the true impact of CAF’s mission and how our efforts and your support empower the lives of adaptive athletes across the world.

Stay tuned for what 2023 has in store!