Challenge Athlete

Sports: Soccer, running, baseball

Bio: Eight-year-old Chase Merriweather was infected by a life-threatening flu virus during a family vacation to Disney World in 2013. He suffered a brain hemorrhage and underwent emergency surgery. Over many months, he slowly recovered, but the medications that saved his vital organs restricted blood flow to his extremities. The result was necrosis, followed by amputation of his hands and feet.

Despite everything, Chase hasn’t let the loss of his limbs slow him down. Quite to the contrary, it has fueled his superhero spirit and he has returned to the lively boy full of laughter that he was before his illness.

His family supports Chase in all his athletic endeavors —from soccer to running to baseball and more. After meeting a CAF staff member at the Endeavor Games, Chase was invited to attend the Aspen Medical Products San Diego Triathlon Challenge and received a 2017 grant for Össur running feet through CAF’s Access for Athletes grant program.

Now Chase can focus on the things that really matter: keeping up with his older brother C.J. and, most importantly, just being a kid.



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