Gabby Platt handcycling

2020 CCC Athlete Gabby Platt
Challenge: Paraplegia
Sports: Paracycling, wheelchair basketball

Gabby became paralyzed at the age of 24 after suffering gunshot wounds to her back. She thought sports were over for her until she discovered wheelchair basketball and handcycling. Her dreams of becoming an elite athlete provided her with the drive and focus to succeed. She is a member of CAF’s first-ever Women’s Handcycling Team and training for the US Paralympic Team.

Dream: To take gold at the 2021 paracycling road national championships and then take gold at the 2024 Paralympics in Paris.
How CAF changed Gabby’s life: Thanks to CAF, I have the opportunity to travel, train, and compete in an attempt to reach the highest level possible in my sport and in life.

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