Jack Cunningham

Challenge: Bilateral Below Knee Amputee

Sports: Track, Cross Country, Swimming, Triathlon

Bio:Eleven-year-old Jack Cunningham the lone survivor of a triplet pregnancy. He was born premature and was missing the fibula bone in both legs (Bilateral Fibular Hemimelia), which led to a double amputation when he was just a year old. He attended his first Össur Running and Mobility Clinic presented by CAF at age five in Philadelphia running in his every day prostheses. A few years later he attended another run clinic in New York, where he saw children running with blades and knew he wanted them too. CAF fulfilled his wish by granting his Össur running prostheses in 2016.

When Jack is not competing on his track teams at home he can be found competing at the Endeavor Games and Junior Nationals where he holds USA Track and Field records. When asked why he always has the biggest smile on his face when running, he says, “It’s hard to describe running with my new legs, they just make me so happy inside.”


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