Challenge Athlete




Jamie was born missing his fibula on his right leg and three fingers on his right hand due to a congenital birth defect. His parents decided to amputate his leg to give him the best change at living a normal and active life just like other young boys.

Just two weeks after his surgery he was fit for his first prosthetic, and from that moment he was involved in as many sports and athletic events as possible. He exceled at baseball and earned a college scholarship at Chapman University and played in the College Baseball World Series. After Jamie was introduced to CAF, he attended the San Diego Triathlon Challenge and fell in love with the sport of triathlon.

Since starting his career in paratriathlon in 2010, Jamie has quickly risen to the top earning the National Title twice along with two additional second place finishes. In 2014, Jamie finished ITU World Championships as the fastest leg amputee.

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