A blind golf champion, Jeremy challenges others to overcome their own life challenges and live strong, confident lives.

Jeremy was only a sophomore at San Diego State University when a sudden and rapid loss in his central vision led him to discover that he had a rare genetic disorder (Leber’s Hereditary Optic Neuropathy). LHON has no cure, and Jeremy was forced to give up golf, a lifelong passion.

CAF introduced Jeremy to the Blind Stokers Club, which invited him to ride tandem bikes with a guide. Jeremy has since used cycling to raise over $100,000 for LHON research since 2009.

Jeremy then realized that if he could bike with a guide, he could golf with one as well.  In 2010, he shocked the field of 60 competitors from 14 countries at the World Blind Golf Championship in England by winning off a dramatic chip-in on a playoff hole. He has continued his success and is the US National B-2 Blind Golf Champion.

Besides his rising golf career, Jeremy strives to raise awareness of LHON and has created an annual bike ride fundraiser with the goal of raising $1 million for LHON research. CAF is proud to support Jeremy through competition expenses as a professional golfer.

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