JJ Miller

Challenge: Bilateral Above Knee Amputee

Sports: Running, Swimming, Cycling, Baseball, Archery, and Golf

Bio: Joshua Miller (JJ) is a spirited, enthusiastic, energetic, intelligent, happy 10 year old with a wonderful disposition. He has been active in several sports including running, swimming, cycling, and archery. JJ has enjoyed playing little league for four years, most recently playing for the Dodgers. He has also participated in kids’ triathlons for the past 7 years. JJ has fun trying everything and has met the challenge of kayaking, sled hockey, surfing, shooting, human foosball, rock climbing, and even ice skating.

JJ was just 20 weeks in utero when an ultrasound showed that he was missing his tibias on his legs due to an extremely rare genetic condition called Werner Mesomelic Dysplasia with Hirschsprung’s Disease. Shortly after, JJ was also found to have a serious congenital heart condition called double outlet right ventricle with pulmonary stenosis. Despite uncertainty that JJ would survive birth, he fought through two cardiac events requiring CPR one lasting for 30 minutes. He is a miracle! At a little over 14 months of age JJ underwent a surgery to remove his clubbed feet and knees so that he could eventually walk with prosthetics. Despite 8 surgeries JJ hasn’t let them hinder him from having an active lifestyle. He started walking with stubbies and a walker shortly before his second birthday. Just two months following his second open heart surgery at two years old JJ participated in his first Kids’ Fun Run with CAF at the SDTC, and hasn’t stopped since.

At age 3 JJ was awarded his first grant from CAF for a pair of running feet. Thanks to CAF, JJ can run fast. JJ recently won first place in the 60m and 200m races at Angel City Games. He is expected to qualify next year to compete in the junior nationals for running and archery. He also is looking forward to trying his hand at golf this coming year. Ultimately, JJ hopes to compete in the 2028 Paralympics when they are here at his home of Southern California but most of all he just loves that he can run around and play with his friends like any other kid.

JJ, along with his parents, share with others the opportunities that CAF can provide for them. JJ has given many presentations sharing CAF’s mission and he helps to raise money for grants that CAF awards. Every year, JJ inspires athletes on Team JJ to participate in the SDTC.

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