Sport: Air Rifle

Bio: Marine Corps Reservist, Lance Weir, was dislodging a canoe in a river, when afterwards, he leaned headfirst into the water to retrieve his baseball cap.  His head hit a submerged rock, shattering his C5 vertebrae and he became a quadriplegic.

“I was angry, bitter and felt dead, even though I was somehow living,” Lance admits, as he struggled to find a purpose to his life. 17 years after his injury, Nico Marcolongo from CAF’s Operation Rebound program encouraged Lance to enrich his life through sport. 

Lance discovered that he was not only good at shooting an air rifle, he was one of the best in his category and was identified as a Paralympic hopeful. Over the years, he has earned 8 gold medals at both the Marine Corps Trials and the Warrior Games. His sights are now set on helping other marines achieve similar successes in air rifle and in life.

 Lance also cycles with a captain on an adaptive tandem hand cycle. He has completed CAF’s Million Dollar Challenge, a 620-mile ride from San Francisco to San Diego, and other endurance rides including the grueling Silver State 508. Lance also achieved the title of first tandem hand cycle to cross the finish line at an IRONMAN® race.

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