Luzi Castillo

Physical Challenge: Spina Bifida
Hometown: Irvine, CA
Sports: Track, Basketball, Surfing, Skating, Tennis

Luzi lived her first six years of life in Kansas City with many surgeries and procedures and zero support groups. Luzi and her family were hopeless and never imagined Luzi to live a healthy and active life. At age 7, Luzi and family decided to move to California in hopes for a better quality of life for Luzi. Shortly after moving, Luzi met many wheely friends who were part of the CAF family who introduced her to the CAF San Diego Triathlon Challenge. That weekend was sure one for the books. Luzi met so many friends and felt happy and welcomed being surrounded by so many kids just like her.

That year, Luzi learned about the CAF grants and applied for the first time in 2015 for a WCMX wheelchair. When Luzi received her chair she gained a sense of freedom and independence. Her new WCMX Mike Box chair allowed her to move differently and more freely, leading her to try many different sports. Luzi is now very involved in WCMX and has placed 2nd in her division at the 2018 WCMX competition. Luzi also enjoys wheelchair basketball, tennis and surfing. Her confidence since receiving her chair is now through the roof which has also allowed her to do national commercials and photo shoots for many very well known companies. Luzi’s goal is to give other kids in wheelchairs hope and to show them that they too can dream big and do great things. Luzi is best known for her electric personality and contagious smile.

Luzi and her family are so thankful for the Challenged Athletes Foundation. Luzi is not confined to a wheelchair, rather she is living and loving life with the help of her wheelchair!

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