Malakai Dean

Challenge: Symes Amputee

Sports: Soccer, Baseball, Golf

Bio: At 10 months, Malakai was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer – Synovial Sarcoma of his left foot – resulting in him having his left foot amputated. From then on, Malakai has referred to his stump as his “circle foot” and has learned to adapt like the resilient kid that he is. Malakai has learned early on that everyone is different and that’s what makes them unique and special. His smart, funny, athletic and entertaining qualities make his warrior spirit infectious and inspiring to all his family and friends. Malakai participated in his first CAF kids run in San Diego, CA in 2017 and fell in love with running and learning how to be speedy. Malakai can charm your heart with his smooth vocals and will meet you on the dance floor with his Michael Jackson dance moves. Malakai plans on working on his golf, swimming, soccer and running skills in hopes to one day make it to the Paralympics.

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