Mike Atherton

Challenge: Triple Amputee

Sports: Running

Bio: On May 9, 2009, Mike went out with his family on his in-laws’ boat out for what he thought would be a relaxing day on the water off the coast of Florida. Without warning, there was a horrific explosion, and the boat was quickly engulfed in flames.

Mike was rushed to the hospital, where doctors were able to save his life — but not without amputating portions of both of his legs and his lower left arm. After the traumatizing accident and grueling surgery, Mike remembers lying in a hospital bed, not knowing what his future would hold. He had always been an active person; now, he wondered if he would ever even walk again.

Mike committed himself to walking again, and after many hours of physical therapy, he was walking again. Soon after, Mike decided he wanted to run again, which would be difficult, because he is both an above and below knee amputee. After much hard work and training, Mike was able to run a 5k.


Watch video of Mike running his first post-injury 5K with his daughter:

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