Riley Phelps_feature

Challenge: Cerebral Palsy and Spastic Quadriplegia with Dystonia

Sports: Skiing, Surfing

Bio: Riley Phelps is a 13 year old who loves school and learning. Her favorite things to do are surfing, swimming, riding her tryke, adaptive skiing, hanging out with her friends, texting her friends, going to the movies, and hanging out with her family.

Every winter, her and her dad go skiing locally. Her favorite places to go are Mountain High and Mammoth. She also loves going surfing. Every year starting in May, her dad takes her to surfing events with Life Rolls on, CAF/Junior Seau Foundation, Waves4All, Stella Maris, Best Day Foundation and others to get in the water and ride waves.

She started adaptive skiing when she was 5 years old in Mammoth and after that, went to Big Bear, Mountain High, and Mammoth a few more times. Riley doesn’t have enough control over her arms to steer herself skiing, but hopes to learn how to do this someday. In the meantime, these adaptive ski schools have teams of expert volunteers that assist her in skiing. When the team takes her out, they start on beginner runs to get used to it but eventually go up higher and faster. At times they have gone in the moguls and gotten air over and between the moguls. She love going fast, which translates to all of her hobbies like roller coasters, riding her tryke down hills, and surfing.

Other interests she has are reading, and watching TV shows. She enjoys riding her tryke for hours at a time at Mission Bay next to her brother and dad while they skateboard next to her.


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