CAF Fit Kit

Challenged Athletes Foundation’s Fit Kit program has been designed to provide recipients with the equipment and resources to help them become more active, increase functional movement, and become part of an inclusive and supportive community. Whether you are recovering from an injury, have a lifelong physical disability, or are just starting to become more physically active, the Fit Kit program is a great way to feel and move better.




We are happy to welcome you to our CAF community!

As a participant in the Fit Kit program, you are joining a community of thousands of individuals with physical disabilities that believe that activity and sport are an essential part of life. CAF resources and our network of coaches, athletes, and supporters can help you pursue a more active lifestyle and enjoy the benefits of adaptive sports and recreation.

For 28 years, CAF has been a worldwide leader in providing opportunities and support to individuals with permanent physical disabilities so they can pursue an active lifestyle through physical activity and sport. Our grant programs, camps & clinics, and community resources provide support to athletes all over the US and worldwide.


Meet The Instructor | Dr. Theresa Larson

Challenged Athletes Foundation is proud to partner with Dr. Theresa Larson of Movement Rx, who is a force for good in the world of human performance and wellness. Together, we are providing these Fit Kit videos to support your journey to move and feel better. Theresa earned her doctorate in physical therapy from the University of St. Augustine in San Diego, California and founded Movement Rx with her husband in 2013.

She is a leader in movement and mindfulness-based therapy and specializes in the adaptation of exercises for individuals with physical disabilities as well as creating inclusion for those with disabilities in the workplace. Theresa is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist who has partnered with the Veterans Administration Whole Health Program, Kansas State University as an Assistant Professor in Exercise Physiology, FitOps, TRX, Nike, and has past performance teaching and creating courses for the Veterans Administration Adaptive Sports Program, 4 LNS, CrossFit, Spartan, and The Ready State.

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