The Challenged Athletes Foundation is able to fund more grants, put on larger events and reach more donors through our many levels of outreach. CAF’s digital marketing strategy is an important component to reaching more challenged athletes and new donors. Over the last year, CAF partnered with Goozleology to apply for Google Grants to drive traffic to CAF’s website and content.

What is Google Ad Grants?
Google Ad Grants is part of Google for Non-Profits where qualifying non-profits of all sizes can receive up to $10,000 per month in in-kind advertising in Google’s search results. From there, a non-profit can receive targeted visitors to their website’s pages. The Google Ad Grant website states, “You could recruit more volunteers. Attract more donations. And share your story with audiences all over the globe. It’s all possible with Google Ad Grants.”

CAF Case Study
CAF signed up for Google Ad Grants in a simple online process. Ed with Goozleology San Diego SEO helped CAF set up the site for Google AdWords. Ed and the CAF team worked together to uncover several unique keywords that have been helpful in driving more traffic to our site.

Over the last year, CAF has received the following:

  • 1,726,543 Ad Impressions
  • 47,310 Clicks to our Site
  • $71,758.56 in in-kind advertising on Google

Goozleology works to help non-profits maximize their online presence through free Google AdWords. CAF shared our mission and challenged athlete stories to a new audience and grew our #TeamCAF community. Challenge accepted, mission accomplished!