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Over the last few months, the CAF Grants Team has been hard at work reviewing thousands of 2018 Access for Athletes Grant applications.

Using a new grant host website isn’t the only big change we have implemented this year. Read the below FAQ’s to get up to speed on all the new and important grant information!


Q: When will I know the status of my grant?

A: We are excited to share that NEXT MONDAY, March 26th, we will be sending out grant announcements to the newest members of #TeamCAF!


Q: How will I receive my CAF Grant Announcement?

A: Gone are the days of snail mail! This year, ALL grant announcements will be EMAILED to the email address listed on each grant application. Switching to an electronic delivery will guarantee that applicants will receive their grant announcement in a timely manner. It will also eliminate the possibility of grant announcements getting lost, stolen, or misplaced. Additionally, this change will support CAF’s cost-savings initiatives by cutting down on postage.


Q: What if I don’t see the email in my inbox?

A: The grant announcement email will come from the Challenged Athletes Foundation email address, [email protected]. Make sure to add us to your address book to guarantee that the grant announcement will go directly to your inbox. If you don’t see the email in your inbox, search your junk/spam folder. If you don’t receive an email by Wednesday, 3/28, please contact us at [email protected].


Q: What kind of information will be in the grant announcement email?

A: The email will be jam packed with information, so grantees should read it thoroughly. The email will inform recipients of what exactly they were approved for, information about deadlines, signing the grant agreement, and receiving the grant fund. Grantees will not be able to redeem their CAF grant until the necessary tasks have been completed, so don’t wait!

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Q: How long will I have to sign my grant contract?

A: NEW THIS YEAR: ALL grant agreements MUST be signed by June 29th, 2018. If a grantee fails to sign their grant contract before 6/29/18, they will forego their 2018 grant. To reiterate: in order to receive their 2018 grant, grantees must sign their grant agreement before 6/29, otherwise they will not receive their grant funds.

We highly recommend that grantees sign their grant agreement as soon as they receive the approval email. There will be NO extensions or exceptions after the 6/29 deadline.


Q: Will you mail my grant check?

A: NEW THIS YEAR: All monetary funds will be sent via PayPal. Any grantee receiving monetary funds for either a competition/travel or coaching/training grant needs to have a PayPal account. Grantees will be asked to provide us with their PayPal information when they sign their grant agreement.

For those receiving an equipment grant, details for contacting the vendor will be included in the grant announcement.


Q: What about my CAF T-shirt?

A:  After the grant agreement is signed, grantees will receive an additional email with information about how to choose their free CAF shwag gift. We’ve got some cool options this year!


Q: Will I receive an email if my grant application was declined? Why does CAF decline grants?

A: As in previous years, we will inform ALL grant applicants of the status of their grant. Everyone who applied for a 2018 grant will receive an email from CAF.

We wish we could approve every grant applicant, but unfortunately, each year we have to decline some applications. The most common reasons grants are declined are if the application is incomplete, or if the grantee’s income is too high.


Q: How can I keep CAF updated with my athletic/fitness endeavors and accomplishments?

A: We love when our grantees keep us updated on their success! Feel free to send us athletic or fitness updates, photos, or media —we are always happy to share them with our team!

Email: [email protected] Address: 9591 Waples St, San Diego CA 92121


Q: When does the 2019 grant application open?

A: September 1st, 2018.


Q: I still have questions. Who do I contact?

A: In order to provide exceptional customer service to our many grantees during this busy time, email is our preferred communication method. Please email any questions or concerns to [email protected]. Our Grants team will be happy to assist you!