Yoga by the Sea

Adaptive Equipment for Yoga

Anyone can participate in yoga without use of any adaptive equipment. However, see below some devices and tips that can be used to enhance the yoga experience.






Seating options and mats are used to provide additional support during yoga. See below to learn more about a few of these products…

Thick Yoga Mat

Many yoga mat options are available. Use of a thick yoga mat provides additional support and cushion for increased comfort and pressure relief during yoga. This yoga mat is anti-slip to help an individual maintain their balance and prevent falls. 


Information and photo pulled from Mindful Yoga Health. Thick Yoga Mat.
thick yoga mat

Yoga Chair

Many yoga chair options are available. The foldable yoga chair shown in this image provides back support and additional cushions for increased comfort and posture during yoga at floor level. However, any chair that the individual finds supportive and comfortable can be used to engage in yoga.


Information and photo pulled from Friends of Meditation. Yoga Chair.
yoga chair

Yoga Lounge Chair

The yoga lounge chair shown in this image is made of foam to provide increased comfort and support during yoga. This yoga chair has an S-shape curve that accommodates for many stretch positions while maintaining comfort. 


Information and photo pulled from Friends of Meditation. Yoga Lounge Chair.
Lounge chair


Accessories that can enhance the yoga experience include yoga blocks, stretching bands, and more. See below to learn about some of these devices…

Wrist Buddy Block

The wrist buddy block is designed to relieve pressure from the wrist and shift body weight into the palm for the optimal wrist support during yoga. The design on this device also helps to improve grip strength and stability and has a textured surface to help prevent slippage during yoga practice.


Information and photo pulled from Beth Graham Wellness. Wrist Buddy Block.
wrist buddy block

Adaptive Yoga Book

This yoga book, developed by a medical doctor and physical therapist, provides descriptions in detail of how to do yoga poses for individuals with a wide range of conditions and abilities.


Information and photo pulled from Human Kinetics. Adaptive Yoga Book.
adaptive yoga book

Stretching Straps

A variety of stretching straps are available for yoga. The stretching strap shown in this image secures around the foot and has multiple hand loops to grasp the strap at the individual’s preferred location.


Information and photo pulled from Stretching Straps.
stretching straps
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