Welcome to the 4th week of the CAF Community Challenge presented by Vega. We have over 500 registered participants and 95 teams have been formed. Together, we’ve raised $440,000 of which $47,000 has been raised by the 162 challenged athletes.

Congratulations to our top CAF Community Challenge distance, elevation, consistency, and dedication individual movers:

DISTANCE: Brandon Lyons 702.23 miles on a handcycle
ELEVATION: Andrew Shore |RIDE Triathlon Team 47,329 feet
CONSISTENCY: Dr. Bryon Solberg – 66 activities
DEDICATION: Barry Vince – 2 days, 17 hours, 39 minutes

Have you updated your personal fundraising page and connected it to a Facebook fundraiser? Now it’s time to share our CAF Athlete stories to help your supporters understand the difference their fundraising will make in the lives of athletes like these.

Without your support, we will lack the funding to provide the much needed grants for individuals with physical challenges in 2021. We are proud to share that of the 500 individuals registered for the CAF Community Challenge over 160 of them are challenged athletes giving back. Amazing!

Congratulations to the 250 participants who have raised $100 or more. Your CAF Nike t-shirt and CAF face mask will be on their way in September. For the 95 participants who have earned the highly coveted CAF Swag Bag, those will ship in October and for the 50 of you who have raised over $1000 and earned the CAF Nike Jacket, you will receive that in your CAF Swag Bag.

We highly recommend setting your fundraising goal to $1000, that’s only $100 per week during this 10 week challenge and you too can earn the CAF Nike Jacket and wear it as a symbol of your amazing support!

Thank YOU to our CAF GOLD Team that just keeps on growing with supporters who have raised $3K or more:

Tommy + Beth Knapp
Dick Lansing + Carleen Kreider
Tim + Tina Weidenkeller
Doug Kincart
Kelly Ray
Danny Gabriel
Nancy Reynolds
Craig Blackwood
Tom Atwell
Bob Babbitt
Cat Ellis
Elijah Taylor
Parker Olenick
Olivia Stone
Melinda Johnson

Watch and Share this week’s Digest video hosted by Hunter Woodhall – the first athlete with a physical disability to receive a college athletic scholarship!

Rudy Tolsen Garcia and Cody McCasland at 2008 SDTC posing for a photoAnother great athlete story to share with your friends and family is Cody McCasland. Cody is a swimmer and a double above-knee amputee who has been a part of CAF since he was 4 years old and just last week, he started at Austin College in Texas and is on the swim team.

Click here to watch this local news story about Cody.

Enjoy the Challenged Athletes Live interview where Cody shares his experience growing up as a double above knee amputee and how CAF instilled confidence and a positive outlook on life.

A little more about Cody:
Cody was born with a rare birth defect that caused his legs to form missing both his tibias and knees. Just after his first birthday, he became a double above knee amputee. At age 5, he was showing his competitive nature in the pool and 5 years later he competed in his first national swim meet.

By the age of 14, Cody had undergone more than 25 surgeries and gone through more than 20 sets of prosthetic legs. From the 2016 Paralympic time trials for Rio to the countless swim meets along the way, Cody is well on his way to achieving Paralympic gold. A spokesperson for CAF, Cody has mentored new challenged athletes in their quest to reach their athletic goals.

One of the greatest opportunities he has had because of being an amputee, is that he has the honor of working with our military that have been injured while serving and protecting our Country. He visits with them while they are in the hospital and at rehab. He helps them to see that they will still be able to live an active and fun life.

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